"The Rumor of the Quilindaña" is a documentary film about a walk, a story of a relationship between a father and a son. A journey into a mountain in which life and death are at stake where both will face several obstacles while trying to recover the family ties that were lost with the passing of time.


A story showing strength and fragility on characters: My father, an artisan fighting against a system in which he has always felt marginalized. Despite his advanced age he is still insisting on changing his reality by clinging onto the mountains by body and spirit. The mountain, a sacred place that shows us fascination by its imposing presence at the distance which is currently going through thaw due to climate changing and condemning those who benefit from it.  

Jose Cadena, my father. A 78 years old retired tailor man and lonely mountaineer, a pensioner who struggles survival in a hostile city. A man whose health conditions get worse and whenever he can he escapes to the mountain with the purpose of walking, alone. This time I will accompany him on his efforts to ascent the summit of the Quilindaña mountain as our last attempt to get close each other again.

The Quilindaña is a mountain 4919 meters above sea level which is considered an inhospitable place due to its geography and low temperatures. Its name in native language cha’palaa means “the place that is cold”. In Ecuador, this documentary film will be one of the first cinematographic records of the Quilindaña mountain.