Note of intention

Arsenio Cadena

I feel that in this world it is increasingly difficult to hold a filial thread between parents and children. I might have been a son who has gone through a world of loneliness and absence to understand the urge of recovery, living in a society where adults consider themselves a burden. My father, a 78 years-old man have been increasingly clinging into the idea of ​​not depending to anyone. He has always been a self-sufficient man who has been in charge to support to his entire family but now he is suffering a setback. His artisan activity has been relegated to oblivion, replaced by technology and modernity and because of his age he doesn't feel no longer productive or important to the system.


The Quilindaña has always been inaccessible to my father but this time he seems determined to undertake the ascent despite his delicate state of health. He is inviting me to climb together and I think this is maybe an opportunity that would allow me to answer all my questions but mainly to be able to taking care of him in the process of this journey, to discover our story which has been abandoned, to understand his legacy on his efforts as many who have disappeared. I want to honor my father in sharing through this documentary project his sense of living reflected about creating freedom and trust.