The movie


El Rumor del Quilindaña is a film about a journey in which my father and I both separated for life we will find each other again in the ascent to the mountain sharing the intimacy of a rope in order to try to rebuild our emotional ties. During the walk we will also reconnect with the silence of nature, the imposition of its presence and the crisis of the climate changing.


This is a film built with a classic plot a journey of the hero in which a vivid experience will allow us as characters to look back to each other, literally and figuratively, attracting to the spectator towards a questioning regarding filial relationships and its affections, unbalanced dialogues and the meaning of the link between natural and modern world through the passing of time.


The story happens during a trajectory when crossing two different landscapes; Quito, the megacity and the Quilindaña, a majestic and sacred mountain. A Walk-Movie portraying the constant tension between urban and natural environments, modernity and spirituality exposed both through a deep reflection about the way we interact with each other but also the tension created between characters.