The city

The city provided to my father Jose Cadena since he was a kid. On his early age he started working in different trades until finding the craft of tailoring. He was a tailor man for several years until our lives took an unexpected turn when my mother passed away and by the same year in 2000, the most violent financial crisis hit our country, Ecuador.


In the recent years, Quito the capital of Ecuador, has become a more difficult and increasingly urbanized place to live where neighborhoods have been the most affected giving way to the indifference and less care to others. On the other hand, the closer relationships to which my father was accustomed they have been replaced by a frantic movement that now has totally ignored him not even mentioning the confusion created by noise and an incessant traffic.


In addition, my father considers that the city has become a hostile universe. His store closed due to people is less interested in buying suits at a tailor shop, the symptoms of modernity leaving on him no link to his clients anymore and having to become a person that must survive under a precarious situation.


In other words Jose hasn´t been the only one who has experienced difficulties but a large part of the Ecuadorian population dedicated to artisanal trades. Nowadays, I think that our society is being affected by a fierce economic system that has been displacing the way those artisanal economic logics operate. Many people have been marginalized or self-marginalized due to the impossible, demanding and strange conditions of the new social dynamics.

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