Conversations between father and son

The topics that we will discuss are part of a universal resonance such as questions about family, using difficult or embarrassing words that parents and sons know. A story about two men, a father who is getting older and leaves a new world that no longer belongs to, the son, who´s desire is to get closer to his father to find the answers that were once relegated by the distancing.


The film will be built in the ascent to the mountain, in the evolution of conversations which will shape deeply as we climb into the summit. A Walk-Movie that will involve physical and emotional aspects, a story that will happen between the city of Quito and the Quilindaña.


Over the course of the journey as we reach the moor my father will find his element in which he will feel more comfortable. On the other side, I will struggle with technical difficulties overcoming vertigo, tiredness and the shock of feeling fragility on being next to my father. Our evolutions will differ and intersect each other but both converging towards a climax, the arrival to the summit.


The emotion that I want to achieve during this particular moment in the film it will not only be as a matter of a victory but for the purpose of all what we will be building and what we will be abandoning during the process of the journey through our affections.


This walk will be also a sign of a passage, a relay of one generation to another. We are going to be far away from the city from any other concern other than walking together. We will celebrate our coexistence while we are trying to reach the summit in the middle of silence, dialogues, noises and disagreements.


The conversations happening in the mountains will have an important place most of the time they will be favored during breaks and when camping in nights. It is not going to be about questioning my father but taking my role as a son in the exchange giving myself as he will to me inquiring about his vision of the passing of time. The proximity to death and his relationship with the world.


I don’t have any doubts that my father will be freely elaborating philosophical thoughts with a charming frankness mainly because he is compromising himself. A reserved man but full of energy who clings to continue climbing.


The journey to the Quilindaña will not only involve evident as imponderable risks it will transit between the emotional and physical boundaries, rough spaces that will also inform to the spectator an approach into the masculinities built in a filial relationship where the presence of death is inherent.

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