Ficha Técnica

Director and Producer: Arsenio Cadena

Produccion company: La Sonora

Assistant Director: Altaira Rojas

Cinematographer: Christian Hidalgo

Sound recorder: Raymi Morales

Format: 4 k

Duration: 70 min.

Country: Ecuador

Language: Español

Filming locations: Quito - El Quilindaña (ECUADOR)


Arsenio Cadena

For me, sound has become a philosophy of life, and this has allowed me to experience films from a free way. I went to study filmmaking in Cuba at the "San Antonio de los Baños International Film and TV School". I have been a sound designer in several documentary and fiction feature films.


Altaira Rojas

I think that documentary cinema is a perfect tool to give a voice to those who do not have one.

I have a master degree in Cultural Policies and Arts Management, audiovisual producer and cultural manager. He works on proposals that seek to bring cinema closer to children, youth and adults, from local communities.


Christian Hidalgo

Since I’m 12 years old I’m fascinated on documentary most of the important moments of my family and from there, I have always believed that this art is infinitely perfectible. I have studied cinema in Argentina and England and have collaborated in both fiction and documentary projects.


Raymi Morales

Through sound we can perceive all the subtleties of the world around us, making it an extremely effective way of transmitting all kinds of feelings and  sensations. I studied at ENS Louis Lumières and EICTV, I have been a lecturer at ESPOL and UARTES both universities in Ecuador. I have participated in national and international productions, among which stand out: "Esto es lo que hay", Sillages, A son of man, Niña errante, Hasta el fin de Delfin, Green Frontier.