Project status

“El rumor del Quilindaña” is a documentary feature film with a length of 70 minutes, recently in stage of pre-production.


In 2017, the University of Arts of Ecuador selected “El rumor del Quilindaña”, as a research project in order to ensure its support for the post-production and sound mixing stages. In the same way, the independent production company La Sonora is making its contribution in kind which includes all the necessary sound equipment during shooting and sound design stages. Also, Patrick Ghislain will contribute with his talent in the stage of post production of sound as the mixer for the entire film.


“El rumor del Quilindaña” has participated in several programs and workshops:


  • Morelia Lab - Morelia International Film Festival (Morelia, Mexico). 2014.

  • Laboratory of projects in development (First Edition). EDOC LAB.

14th. EDOC Festival (Quito, Ecuador). 2015.

  • First Andean Residence for Documentary screenplay.

Cahuasqui. (Ecuador - France). 2015.

(Partnership with the French Association Docmonde).

  • “Prime and Fire” (England). An Award fund which financed “Kurikinki”, a film with a short length focused in mountaineering as sport with Jose Cadena as protagonist. This project inspired “El rumor del Quilindaña” .

  • Encounter of Co-production, Tenk. (France). 2016.

During this event, the project “El rumor del Quilindaña” got the attention by Antonio Magliano, producer of Primaluce in France who showed interest in co-producing with his company. After that, a brochure for the film was created to participate in many different international co-production funding programs. However, the project had to be on hiatus due to the financial crisis happening in Ecuador affecting any kind of film funding support for two years.

  • Tribeca (United States). 2018.

“El rumor del Quilindaña” participated in the Gucci Tribeca Fund. The film was under a new process of research which made the story of the project to get transformed into a new and more consolidated structure. This documentary feature started to explore many narrative and dramaturgical possibilities which have resulted into a proposal with a solid screenplay.